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Copywriting For Website Content |Tips and Best Practices

Copywriting website content

Copywriting for website content is a very important factor in every website or blog.

A Website that needs to drive massive traffic needs copywriting for effective website content.

Copywriting is one of the skills that should be used in every websites.

Here are some top and current copywriting trends.

For every website page copywriting is needed to optimize and attract your audience to your brand.

For every website content or blog content, without copywriting this type of content will look like an ordinary type of writing on a piece of paper.

The website content is written intentionally to attract quality audience who will not just read but also turn out to become customers.

Every website content needs copywriting for effective results.


Because every copy is content but not every content is a copy, so for your content to achieve its purpose, copywriting should be used especially if you are trying to get leads or conversion.

In this article, you will see what website content writing is.

And important tips, examples and practice you need to know about copywriting for website content.

But first of all, here is a question some have asked.

Is Website Writing Copywriting?

Website writing is a persuasive form of writing on different pages of a website to prompt the reader to take a particular required action.

Websites writing is copywriting because it is an intentional form of writing.

Your website is not just a piece of paper but it is where an audience goes to get information or to satisfy their curiosity about a certain topic which website copywriters call ‘keyword’.

What Is Website Copywriting?

Copywriting For Website Content

Website copywriting is a process of writing copy with specific words intended to move readers to take required action on a website.

Website copywriting skills are needed for websites and blogs.

Website copywriting should be done on every page of a website for maximum results.

This is because every page on a website is important for driving conversion.

The website copywriter knows just how to write this web page following the brand and the language that the audience relates to.

Website copywriting uses important strategies such as SEO techniques and other optimisation techniques that will help to drive traffic to a website.

Who is a website content writer?

Content writers create original website articles that can be published on websites and blogs.

They write content about topics or keywords in different areas of expertise.

They make thorough research on the topic before writing.

They make sure the article is well structured and written, grammatically correct and error-free.

Copywriting For Website Content

Copywriting For Website Content

When talking about copywriting for website content this means the writing of:

• Blog posts

• Website articles

• Home page

• About page

• Service page

• Landing page

• Podcast

Blog Post: blog post is used to give out information on a certain topic or to educate your readers.

Today, many people read blog posts for different search intents and that is why a website content copywriter is needed.

The web content writer knows how to write a blog post to satisfy the search intent of the readers.

Website articles: these could be news articles, queries, legal articles and others.

Content writers also write such website articles.

A content writer’s job is to write a well-optimised article that will provide value to the readers.

Homepage: the homepage is the first page many readers go to when trying to know more about a brand.

Since the homepage is what tells more about the brand, a copywriter is needed to write the website copy or that home page copy.

The homepage copy gives a full breakdown of what the brand does, their services or products and how they deliver to their customers.

A copywriter is hired to write such powerful copy because it can mean more sales for the business.

About page

The about page explains the purpose of the business or the brand, their team and a little background story about the inspiration that gave rise to the business.

With copywriting the about page can be very effective in helping your readers understand:

•Who you are

•What your company does and

•Why they should trust you

Service page: service page explains more about how the team of your company provides services to your customers.

Your audience must know how you carry out these services and a copywriter can help to write these words to build a better relationship with your readers.

Landing page

A Landing page is usually the page where you introduce a particular service or product to your audience.

But also been an opt-in form, where you would want them to opt in to regularly receive your offers through email newsletters.

Here are some effective email newsletter tips.

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    Why Is Website Copywriting Important?

    Web copywriting is a very important part of your website and marketing campaign.

    It helps people find what they are looking for when navigating your website.

    If you don’t write a good web copy, it can affect the traffic you get on your site.

    How To Structure Website Copy

    1. Understand who your audience is
    2. Your web copy must have a purpose
    3. Avoid Jargon
    4. Use urgency and call to Action

    Now, you might ask what these mean.

    • Understand your audience.

    Web copywriting without understanding the audience’s needs will not be able to deliver.

    Who is your audience?

    What are their needs?

    What are their fears?

    What are their pains?

    These questions will help you to structure your website copy directly to focus on your audience.

    How can your product or service bring them relief?

    Understanding your audience will help you naturally connect with them.

    Once you do this, you will not only gain the trust of your audience but they will see your product as the solution they need.

    • Your Website Copy Must Have A Purpose

    Every website copy has a purpose or goal.

    Your goal for writing a homepage should be different from that of a product page or landing page.

    Keep your goal in mind when writing the copy.

    But this does not mean that you should shift your attention from your audience.

    You should still focus on your audience while setting your goal.

    • Avoid jargon

    No matter your niche or industry avoid using industry words or jargon when writing a website copy.

    Make it as simple and easy as possible for your readers to comprehend, grab the information and understand your offer.

    • Use urgency and call to action

    Create a sense of urgency to motivate your readers to click that call to action button.

    Help them see why they need to act now and avoid procrastinating with your offer.

    Your call to action should be visible enough to move them to click on it.

    Website Copywriting Examples

    Here are some great website copywriting examples:


    MailChimp is a popular email marketing software that helps you create emails, send emails and automate them.


    MailChimp’s homepage tells you what to expect from their software.

    They also added a bit of credibility as their sub-headline


    Learnoflix is a digital marketing program and affiliate program that teaches you digital marketing, funnel creation, SEO, content creation and more.

    Learnoflix has a clear call to action that specifically tells the reader what he is clicking on.

    So before clicking the call to action the reader knows what to expect.



    Story brand is a marketing agency that helps businesses and marketers to connect with their audience and create an effective marketing plan.

    They make a clear statement that helps the reader know why they need “storybrand” to achieve a marketing purpose.


    Canva is a graphics and design software with thousands of templates, images and elements to design and use for free.

    Canva’s homepage asks an intriguing question.

    This makes the readers curious and even motivates them to design on canva.


    Image from fixmychurn

    Fixmychurn shows how they can help you engage your current customers and turn them into recurring buyers.

    Their homepage points to a problem and presents the solution immediately.

    Best Practices For Website Copywriting

    Here are 5 best practices for website copywriting.

    1. Writing a compelling headline is important for every website copy.

    A compelling headline can move a reader to click.

    Your headline must:

    • Attract the reader

    • State clearly what your readers should expect

    • Make your readers curious

    A good headline attracts the reader using intriguing words.

    It also clearly states what the reader should expect before they start reading your content.

    Your headline should increase the curiosity of your readers which will make them click.

    2. Use Bullet points and Lists

    This makes it easy for your readers to access the information and understand it.

    With bullet points and lists, your readers can easily grab your message and get the point!

    So use more bullet points and lists in your web content.

    3. Headings are Important

    It is estimated that only about 20% of web content is read by website visitors.

    Website visitors do not read but scan to quickly get the details they need.

    This is why it is good to use appropriate headings to make it readable and scannable to the reader.

    To do this, use H1, H2 and H3 headings in your content.

    4. Avoid Long paragraphs

    Practice using shorter paragraphs instead of long ones for good readability.

    It helps readers to read your content easily.

    If your paragraphs are too long, you risk increasing your bounce rate.

    No one wants to read with difficulty.

    5. Optimize for SEO

    It is estimated that 87% of smartphone users rely on search engines to get information.

    Optimizing your content for SEO is key to ranking and increasing website visitors to your site.

    This includes keywords, linking, images, meta descriptions and other factors.

    SEO can transform your business website overnight, generate high revenue and get recurring customers.

    Here is a full SEO training kit that will help you achieve this with ease.

    You also need to optimise your content for SEO to be recognised by search engines and also write content that will be valuable to your readers.

    Writing website content that is solely based on search engine optimisation alone can seem to be very robotic and will not deliver value to your readers.

    Here is a full guide to SEO copywriting.

    What kind of content should you write for your website?

    Many bloggers ask “what kind of content should I write for my website?”.

    Well, here is my answer to you.

    Your website content should be:

     • Content that is useful to readers

    • Content that is interesting to you.

    • Content that will help people solve their problems

    • Content that helps people understand how they can improve themselves

    If you focus on these 4 things, you will see tremendous growth in your website.

    Copywriting and Content writing course you must not miss

    1. Content university

    2. Alison copywriting course

    3. The ultimate SEO blueprint

    These are some amazing copywriting and content writing courses.

    1. Content University

    Copywriting and Content writing course

    Content University is a content writing and content marketing course where you learn:

    • How to go about content marketing.

    • How to create and publish content on your platform.

    • How to analyse your audience and competitors.

    • How best to create your content using hidden methods

    • How to get traffic, leads and sales from your content

    Get content university Here.

    2. Alison Copywriting Course

    Copywriting and Content writing course

    In this copywriting crash course, you will learn:

    • How to write irresistible headlines

    • How to craft persuasive content that sells

    • How to consistently attract your audience with quality content

    Get the course Here.

    3. The Ultimate SEO Blueprint

    Copywriting and Content writing course

    This course gives you the ultimate guide to SEO where you learn:

    • Google ranking factors

    • On-page SEO

    • Keyword research foundations

    And other important SEO techniques for creating powerful website content.

    Get the course Here.

    Web content copywriting services

    Why not hire a web content writer to do all the content writing and optimization?

    It can be difficult to do all the work like drafting content, keyword optimization, SEO and other factors involved in writing content.

    Hiring a writer can relieve you of all the excess work and help you focus on other aspects of your business.

    Jonlineskill provides quality website content services with:

    •Unique content

    •Keyword optimization

    •Well structured content with no fluff

    •Error and plagiarism free

    •Good readability for your readers

    And more…

    This is because you need to:

    • Provide value to your readers with unique content.

    • Optimize keywords for SEO

    • Avoid jargon, fluff and structure your content that will make google smile.

    • Avoid errors and plagiarism.

    • Help your readers to easily read your content with good readability.

    I will help you do these for your website content in no time!
    Contact me here to get a quote.

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