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10 Different Types of Copywriting | Explained

what are the different types of copywriting?

What are the different types of copywriting?

In the United States alone there are about 130,000 copywriters.

And with profitable freelance niches and Industries.

These copywriters focus on different types of copywriting based on skill and demand.

In this article, you will see about 10 different but important types of copywriting from the most to the least.

And in a bit, you will also see the types of copywriting that are currently high in demand.

But first, let’s clear a quick question that will give you a grasp of copywriting.

This question is closely related to the definition of copywriting.

What Exactly Is Copywriting?

It is good to get the definition of copywriting properly to understand the concept and why it is used.

Copywriting is the act of writing persuasively to move a certain audience to take a required action.

This action could be:

  • Buy
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Join
  • Click
  • Sign up
  • And more…

It is the strategic act of moving your audience to take your offer.

This means that there is always a goal in copywriting.

It is not just about getting the audience to read the content but also getting them to take any action required in the content.

Copywriting uses psychological and emotional triggers not just to persuade but to remove every form of scepticism in the mind of the reader.

To understand the power of copywriting, see this article.

Copywriting is used when writing:

• Website pages

• Landing pages

• Product pages

• Sales pages

• Email copies

• Ad copies
And more…

Based on where copywriting is used, it can be slightly different but the concept is the same.

Once you understand what copywriting is all about as well as the strategy used in copywriting,
writing the copy becomes easy.

Now that you’ve gotten the definition of copywriting let’s clarify an important question about copywriting.

Is Copywriting Same As Content Writing?

You probably might have thought about this question, I did too at some point.

Now let’s clarify this.

As you can see from these two keywords: copywriting and content writing.

They both have one thing in common and that is writing.

Yes, they are both a form of writing.

And they are both important for your business.

But what makes them different?

What makes them different is the Purpose and goal.

You can see that copywriting does not just engage the audience but works towards reaching a goal.

Copywriting tells your audience their problem and offers the solution immediately.

It uses tactics and that is why every single aspect If copywriting is intentional.

It uses:

• Storytelling

• Empathy

• Pain points

• Urgency

• Guarantee

And more, to persuade the reader.

Copywriting is quite straightforward than content writing.

And that is why there is a very important aspect of copywriting which is the call to Action {CTA}.

This call to Action is what copywriting uses to reach its goal.

One thing you should note is that copywriting is content but content writing is not copywriting.

What about content writing?

The goal and purpose of content writing are quite different from that of copywriting.

Content writing seeks to provide valuable information to the reader.

Content writing educates, entertains and builds relationship with the reader.

This is achieved by engaging the reader regularly and answering questions.

So it is great for driving traffic.

Content writing can be seen in:

• Blog articles

• Social media post

• Newsletters

• E-books

• Reports

• Magazine

• Reviews

Copywriting can see results almost immediately while content writing sees results over time.

Content writing is great if you want to gain authority for your brand because it helps you gain the interest and trust of your audience.

Now let’s head straight to the 10 different types of copywriting with a full explanation about them and why they are useful.

What Are The Different Types Of Copywriting?

1. Website copywriting

2. SEO copywriting

3. Social media copywriting

4. Sales copywriting

5. Video copywriting

6. Ad copywriting

7. Email copywriting

8. Direct response copywriting

9. Brand copywriting

10. PR copywriting

These are the 10 different types of copywriting.

1. Website Copywriting

Different types of copywriting

Website copywriting is a type of copywriting written for website pages such as:

  • • Homepage
  • • About Page
  • • Service Page
  • • Product Page
  • • FAQ page

Copywriting is done for all the pages that make up a website.

Now you might ask why website copywriting is important.

Here’s why

Over 500,000 websites are created daily.

This means that these websites will hire websites copywriters to write their website pages and blogs.

Websites copywriters write quality web content to sell a product or service.

Website copywriting it’s a very intentional form of writing.

This is because the website is usually the first place the audience notices your brand.

It is the first step to building a relationship with a customer.

So the website copywriter do research based on the industry and the customers to write what will attract the audience and increase conversions.

Your next website project can fulfil its goal with the help of a website copywriter Here.

2. SEO Copywriting

Different types of copywriting

SEO copywriting is the type of copywriting with the practice of SEO which is search engine optimisation.

This practice involves optimising the content with relevant keywords that will engage a reader and be noticed by search engines.

Copywriting is needed for SEO because it can help your content to rank on google and other search engines.

And also keep the reader on your site for longer periods.

Here’s what I mean,

Content that is written with the relevant keywords only, will not appeal to a reader.

It can rank on search engines but it can increase the bounce rate of that site.

Why? Because the keywords will be too obvious and look like what was written by a robot.

But with SEO copywriting, the content is not just written for search engines but a compelling copy is drafted and written to appeal to the readers as well.

So with SEO copywriting, you can achieve both.

Here is a practical SEO copywriting full guide to help you write for search engines, appeal to your reader, rank and convert.

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    3. Social Media Copywriting

    Different types of copywriting

    Social media copywriting has become a great place to reach a vast audience.

    Online brands leverage social media as part of their marketing strategy.

    Social media copywriting is the act of engaging your customers on social media with valuable content to reach your ideal customer.

    Social media copywriting helps you communicate better with your audience.

    With social media, you can ask the audience questions that will help you understand their needs and how you can serve them better and build a stronger relationship with them.

    This is to make it easier for you to sell to them.

    Many online brands have seen great results by leveraging social media like Twitter and Instagram for business growth.

    Improve your social media marketing with this free tool.

    4. Sales Copywriting

    Sales copywriting is a type of copywriting done on a website page with the main purpose of turning a reader into a buyer immediately.

    Sales copy is not only intentional but follows a formula.

    It is more crafty than other types of copywriting because you want the reader to purchase the product after reading the copy.

    Here are some things about sales copy that moves the reader to take action.

    Powerful Headline

    Every sales copy needs a powerful headline.

    This is what the reader notices that makes him curious to find out what you are talking about.

    I will use the learnoflix sales page as a case study for sales copywriting.

    Now look at the headline and see how it makes the reader very curious about the offer.

    Different types of copywriting

    Here, there is an encouraging but powerful headline that says “you too can grow a 7 figure income online.. with our copy and paste them even if you currently have no skill.

    And the reader is told “in 30 days”.

    So the reader will want to know how to achieve that.

    Attention Grabbing Words

    Sales copy uses attention-grabbing words to move the reader to keep reading.

    Attention-grabbing words are powerful when used properly to appeal to the reader.

    Here is an example of attention-grabbing words used in learnoflix sales copy.

    Different types of copywriting

    You can see these words: “no capital required”, “secrets” are used to attract the reader to the offer.

    Focusing On The Benefit

    The sales copy focuses more on the benefits rather than the features.

    Using learnoflix sales copy here is an example;

    Different types of copywriting

    They also outlined the benefits of their product.

    Different types of copywriting

    Testimonials (social proof)

    Testimonials are used in sales copywriting because it helps the reader to see that the product works.

    If can work for others then it can work for the reader too.

    Here is an example from learnoflix sales page.

    Different types of copywriting

    Written and image testimonials are effective but with video testimonials, it is even more effective.

    Add A Special Offer That Others Don’t

    Adding a special offer that your competitors do not can increase conversion.

    You can see this from the sales copy of learnoflix.

    Different types of copywriting
    Special offer: The only affiliate program that rewards royalties to affiliates.

    Use Call To Action To Achieve Your Goal

    A sales copy without a call to action is empty no matter how compelling it is.

    The CTA is what completes the sales copy.

    Here is an example;

    Different types of copywriting

    I think learnoflix sales copy has been a great example.

    To see the learnoflix full sales page click here.

    5. Video Copywriting

    Video copywriting which is also called video script copywriting is a type of copywriting that is written but not read by the audience.

    This type of copywriting is used when creating videos for better audience engagement.

    Therefore, for your video to be highly productive you need a video script copywriter.

    Script copywriters are needed for:

    • YouTube videos
    • Webinars
    • Presentations
    • Instagram videos
    •Tiktok videos
    • Video advertisement

    Click Here

    Today, more content is delivered with videos and this is why script copywriters are needed and hired for scriptwriting.

    Check out this complete guide to video marketing here.

    6. Ad Copywriting

    Just as the name implies, ad copywriting is a type of copywriting for placing advertisements, running ad campaigns to make sales, getting more leads or subscribers.

    Most of these adverts are placed on:

    •Facebook ads
    •Google ads
    • Youtube ads
    •Instagram ads

    And more…

    To reach a particular audience and get them to click that button, ad copy is needed.

    To get a high-performing ad, ad copywriters are needed for the ad copy.

    This reduces the risk of the audience scrolling past the ad and increases conversion.

    A compelling ad copy will address the pain points of the reader, even from the headline.

    The ad copywriter’s job is to help the reader to see how the product can help solve their problem.

    Ad copy is effective when these are used:

    • Addressing pain point of the reader

    • Introducing the benefits of the product and how it can solve that pain.

    • Testimonials and social proof

    • Discounts and cost savings

    • Use of Urgency/scarcity

    Here are 50+ examples of ad copy that gets clicks.

    7. Email copywriting

    Different types of copywriting

    Email copywriting is the writing of emails and newsletters to be delivered to a particular brand’s audience.

    This is usually done to inform the audience about their latest products, services or content.

    Email copywriting is also done to get the reader to take a particular required action which could be to buy a product.

    Therefore, for the email to be opened by the reader and to get the reader to buy or take any required action, the email has to be written with copywriting skills.

    Today many brands leverage email marketing because it has proven to be very effective in driving sales.

    Here are 5 top email copywriting tips and templates!

    Once you get a certain number of subscribers and know how to write these emails for higher open and click-through rates, you can increase conversions easily.

    Here is a video that shows how a friend made £60,000 in just 4 weeks with email Marketing.

    8. Direct-response copywriting

    Direct-response copywriting is a type of copywriting that requires a writer to take action immediately.

    This type of copywriting requires:

    • Understanding the target audience and their pain points

    • Use of perfect headlines

    • Copywriting skills

    • Effective Call to Action

    It requires the skills because you want the reader to take action right away after reading the copy.

    Some examples of direct-response copywriting are:

    • Landing page
    • PPC ads
    • Product descriptions

    Direct-response copywriting is one of the types of copywriting that is very efficient in closing sales.

    Here is a landing page headline example from Dan Lok.

    Different types of copywriting

    Here is another headline example from one of my landing pages.

    Different types of copywriting

    9. Brand Copywriting

    The purpose of copywriting in a brand is to create a brand voice that differentiates you from your competitors.

    Brand copywriting helps to build brand authority.

    This is because you speak to your audience with the language they understand.

    Brand copywriting is what defines your brand personality.

    Brand copywriting does these:

    • Focuses on the customer

    •Maintains a consistent brand tone

    • It has the brand story that reflects the brand’s image

    Here are the 3 best brand story copywriting strategies.

    Let’s get a fine brand example.

    Different types of copywriting
    What Comes To Your Mind?

    What comes to your mind when you hear “Coca-Cola”?

    It could be:

    • Cooling
    • Refreshing
    • Satisfying


    Because you are not just familiar with the brand but also what they stand for.

    A brand copy should have what will make the reader remember the brand whenever it comes up again or see any product from that brand again.

    This is why brand copywriting uses emotional triggers to instil feelings that will be remembered by the audience.

    What about Disney?
    Yes, Disney will bring to your mind, especially cartoons, and that is because Disney is remembered for that.

    10. PR copywriting

    PR copywriting which is public relations copywriting is a type of copywriting for the news and media.

    Public relations copywriting help a brand gain massive publicity.

    These types of copywriting are:

    Press releases and reports.

    Public relations copywriting also help a brand gain a good reputation.

    This is because PR copywriting helps to represent the brand to the public.

    The PR copywriter does his best to portray the brand in the best possible way.

    Many businesses use PR copywriting to clear any negative publicity they have and to bring back the trust of their audience.

    Even new businesses can gain publicity with PR copywriting.

    PR copywriters focus on:

    • Maintaining the brand’s image: As a result of a press release, a brand’s image is well maintained.

    • Building a positive reputation for the public: A brand can gain a good reputation that will increase brand awareness.

    • Helping the public to understand the brand’s product and services.

    • Inciting likeness and trust in the minds of the public: the public begins to like the brand and get more familiar with their product.

    • Helping the brand avoid negative reputation: Press releases help to bring the brand back to a positive light to the public.

    Types of Copywriting Currently High In Demand

    From these 10 different types of copywriting you have seen in this article which ones are currently high in demand?

    All these types of copywriting are in demand but we’re just going to pick the ones that are currently high in demand.

    Website Copywriting

    If you have read this article up to this point you would have read that about 500,000 websites are created every day.

    This means that website copywriters are highly needed to write website pages.

    Because website owners want their web pages to have quality content and to convert better.

    So they hire websites copywriters to do the work and get them the results they need.

    Social media copywriting

    Social media copywriting is very high in demand because every business uses social media to promote their products and services and to engage their audience.

    For you to build a strong relationship with your customers, social media copywriting is needed to achieve results.

    This is because everyone has social media accounts and your customers are there.

    Email copywriting

    Email copywriters are highly needed because many brands want to build an email list and send effective emails to their customers.

    This is to inform, engage and also sell their products better, so email copywriters are needed for this job.

    Video Copywriting

    This is script copywriting and many video creators today need video script copywriters to write their copy.

    Video creation has become a more popularly known way to create valuable content.

    This is because not everyone loves reading, so visuals like videos and needed.

    Video script copywriters help you to create effective videos that will speak to your audience’s needs.

    Some of these video creators are YouTubers, Instagram video creators, Tiktok and others.

    In conclusion

    The different types of copywriting discussed in this article are in demand.

    Copywriting is a skill that has now been divided into different types and different niches.

    More types of copywriting might come in the future.

    But one thing is clear, copywriting can help you grow your business.

    It can help you get more traffic to your website and also help you get more sales to your products.

    It is an amazing aspect of sales and marketing that should not be overlooked.

    Contact directly here for your next project.

    What other types of copywriting is currently in demand?

    Comment below.

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