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How Lucrative Is Copywriting? | Copywriting Explained

How lucrative is copywriting

You might have heard that many copywriters earn a seven-figure income, but how lucrative is copywriting?

Do copywriters make good money?

There are many things you might have heard about copywriting.

 But if you are looking to learn copywriting or become a copywriter, then this article will help you to see if you can make money as a copywriter.

Yes, many people say copywriting can earn you a six-figure income or even a seven-figure income.

 Some even say you have to jump into copywriting if you want to start earning a real income online.

 But is that true?

 In this article, you will see how lucrative copywriting is and if you can earn from it.

But before that, let us know exactly what copywriting is and what a copywriter does, and then you will see how lucrative it is.

What Exactly Is Copywriting?

Is copywriting just a type of writing?

 No, copywriting is not just the writing on a piece of paper or the publishing of content.

 It involves much more than that.

Copywriting is intentionally drafted to produce written words that persuade a reader or an audience to take a specific action.

Copywriting is writing with a purpose.

Learn more about copywriting here.

With copywriting, the copywriter is not just writing to inform but the copywriter writes to compel, persuade, and give the reader a reason to take an action.

That action could be:

• Buy 

• Subscribe 

• Sign Up 

• Click 

• Join

 and more…

Copywriting can be a long form or short form in the case of writing a sales page, landing page, or email copy.

Copywriting is a major aspect of advertising.

When a company intends to promote its product or service through an advertising campaign, copywriting is accompanied by such a campaign.

This is because copywriting is used to bring more sales to a business.

So a copywriter working with a company will work closely with the marketing team, especially during advertisement campaigns.

With copywriting, it is not only the features of a product that is communicated to the readers but also the benefits.

 It also tells the reader how that product can help to solve their problems, this will enable and persuade the reader to purchase the product.

Copywriting helps to build a brand image with compelling content.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

How lucrative is copywriting

 A copywriter is a persuasive writer who focuses on creating compelling copies to sell a product or service.

Copywriters are needed to write:

• Sales copy 

• Ad copy

• Landing page

•  Email copy

• Product page

These are the types of copywriting that compels a reader to take an action such as buying a certain product.

A copywriter can also engage and educate an audience on social media, websites, blogs, email newsletters, and other marketing platforms.

80% of a copywriter’s job is to make necessary research concerning:

• The company or brand

• Their clients or customers

• Customer needs and problems

• Competitors

These are important to help the copywriter know exactly how to draft the copy that will meet the needs of the customers and also beat that of their competitors.

That is a stepping stone to being a good copywriter.

As a copywriter you could write:

• Business-to-business (B2B) copies: these are copies written for a company to sell products or services to another company.

• Business-to-consumer (B2C) copies: written for a company that sells products or services directly to their consumers.

• You could also write for individual brands on their websites.

How Lucrative Is Copywriting?

Copywriting can be very lucrative because you are helping a business to speak directly to their customers, make sales and add to the business growth, this can earn you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. Yes, copywriting is quite lucrative.

Every business needs a copywriter to attract its audience to its products and services.

Even as a beginner, you can start earning for your copywriting services, and as you gain more experience and skills, you can gradually increase your rates.

As a freelance copywriter, you can charge your rate according to your skills and expertise.

But here is what you should note.

You do not start earning six or seven-figure income as a beginner copywriter.

It doesn’t come easy.

It takes hard work and diligence to make good money with copywriting.

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    How To Get Started As A Freelance Copywriter.

    You can get started as a freelance copywriter even with no experience and start earning from it.

    But as a beginner you have to:

    Practice your writing skills regularly: ensure you practice writing to a specific reader.

    Keep learning: You have to pick a very good copywriting course that teaches you types of copywriting as well as the strategies, formulas, and psychology involved in copywriting.

    This will equip you even further.

    Here are some top copywriting courses.

    • Build your portfolio: you can build a portfolio even without experience.

    • Find Your First Client: you can easily find your first client through platforms where you can offer copywriting services such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

    • Promote your copywriting service on other platforms: promote your service on social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others to increase your chances of getting clients.

    Start with one and be consistent with it before moving to the others.

    • Set your rate as a copywriter: if you’re using a platform such as Upwork, you have to set your hourly rate to be paid per hour.

    As a beginner, you can start with $20  – $30 per hour and then increase it gradually.

    Or you set your rate per project so that you will be paid once the whole project is done.

    Learn more about how to rate per project.

    What Skills Are Required For A Copywriter?

    1. Research Skills 

    2. Knowledge About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    3. Strong Writing Skills

    4. Analytical Skills

    5. Creativity

    6. Ability To Meet Deadlines

    7. Language Skills

    These are the different skills required of a copywriter.

    This does not mean that you should acquire all the skills but a couple of them will prove helpful to you as a copywriter.

    You will need these skills while starting out and also in the long run as you gain more experience in copywriting.

    Let’s look at each of these skills and see how they can help you as a copywriter.

    1. Research skills 

    As a copywriter, you should be able to diligently make research for your clients.

    How lucrative is copywriting

     This involves competitive research as well as customer research.

    Having such research skills will help you understand your client’s industry, their customers’ needs and problems as well as their competitors.

    Without the necessary research, it will be difficult to understand exactly what your client’s customers want and how you can help them.

    2. Knowledge about search engine optimisation (SEO)

    Search engine optimization is the ability to rank a website or a web page to the top page of search engines like Google.

    As a copywriter, you need to have SEO knowledge.

    Especially keyword optimization.

     SEO is needed when writing any page of a website such as the home page, about page, product page, or service page.

    A client who wants you to write their homepage or about page will be more likely to hire you if you know SEO.

    3. Strong writing skills

     One of the major skills required of a copywriter is to be able to write perfectly well.

    This includes how you structure the content.

     If you are writing for a website, you should be able to structure it from the headline to necessary subheads and with good readability.

    Your writing should be focused on the reader and should be as simple as possible for the readers to understand.

    4. Analytical skills

    A copywriter is a person who solves problems for a large audience.

    How lucrative is copywriting

     So you need to have analytical skills to be able to analyze information and come up with the best possible solution.

    With analytical skills, you can be able to use your copy to prove to an audience that you have the best solution they need.

    5. Creativity

    A copywriter must be creative.

     Creativity helps a copywriter to come up with ideas for a marketing campaign and when writing the copy.

    Creativity also involves the ability to write in a way that prompts the reader’s imagination.

    Your creativity as a copywriter can further help you to promote a brand through advertising campaigns.

    Here are 100 copywriting ideas by one of the best copywriters.

    6. Ability to meet deadlines

     As a copywriter, you will often be given deadlines for every job that you get and your ability to meet deadlines will go a long way to show that you’re capable of taking in any job at any time.

     You will also gain the trust of your clients and become a reputable copywriter.

    7. Language skills

    As a copywriter, you should be able to master at least one language that you can confidently write in, without grammar and punctuation errors.

    The English language is widely used in the copywriting industry.

    So you should know the  English Language and be able to write diligently by paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    Types of Copywriting

    1. Website copywriting 

    2. Ad copywriting 

    3. Social media copywriting

    4. Email copywriting

    5. SEO copywriting

    6. Video script copywriting

    These are different types of copywriting and there are different copywriting courses that teach you the type of copywriting you want to specialize in.

     Learn more about the different types of copywriting.

    It is good to get to know all the types of copywriting.

    Then you can stick to a specific type of copywriting and focus on building yourself and getting experience in it.

    1. Website copywriting

    Website copywriting is the writing of copies on a webpage to keep visitors engaged and to attract more traffic to the website.

    A website copywriter writes website articles, website pages, and landing pages.

    A good website copywriter writes high-quality content with good readability.

    2. Ad copywriting

    Ad copywriting is the writing of copies for advertisement, or promotion of the brand or services.

    An ad copywriter writes compelling advert copies that will move a reader to click on the ad and buy the product.

    Ad copywriting is intentionally written and tailored to a specific audience.

    Copywriting formulas are also used when writing ad copies to produce effective results.

    These formulas will help you to structure your ad copy in a way that will resonate with the reader and speak to them concerning their needs.

    See some of these copywriting formulas in this article.

    3. Social media copywriting 

    This is the type of copywriting that is written on social media.

     Social media copywriting is more engaging than direct.

     It is used to build relationships with the customers and gain their trust.

    A social media copywriter understands what the customers need and how a brand can fulfill that need by regularly posting content and reaching out to the customers.

    See how brand storytelling can prove to be effective in social media copywriting.

    4. Email copywriting

    Email copywriting is the writing of email copies and newsletters.

    An email copywriter understands how to use email subject lines to attract the reader to open the email.

     And also how to engage the reader throughout the email to move the reader in taking an action.

    Many businesses use email marketing and email copywriting as a source of reaching their audience and marketing their products.

    This is why email copywriters are highly demanded. 

    5. SEO copywriting

    Search engine optimization is the optimization of website content that enables it to rank on search engines.

    Think about the recent questions you have searched for their answers on Google.

    The top results you see on Google have been well optimized to give you the necessary information you need and to provide accurate answers to that question.

    An SEO copywriter writes high-quality content and knows how to optimize content for it to rank well on google.

    6. Video Script Copywriting 

    Video copywriting is writing a script for videos such as youtube videos.

    A video copywriter or a script copywriter helps in writing engaging video scripts.

    For YouTube, the copywriter has to optimize the description, title and tags.

    This will increase the chances of the YouTube video ranking on YouTube and Google and getting more views.

    How To Become A Good Copywriter

    1. Make a thorough research before you start writing

    2. Get to know the audience

    3. Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling

    4. What action do you want the readers to take?

    5. Avoid clumsy mistakes 

    6. Learn SEO

    7. Learn how to craft irresistible headlines

    8. Be specific about what the readers will get

    9. Use power words

    10. Avoid jargon and use a conversational language

    Yes, even as a beginner in copywriting you can become a good copywriter if you follow these important tips and apply them.

    1. Make thorough research before you start writing

    A good copywriter is not one who just writes but one who makes research before writing.

    Much of your work as a copywriter is done by doing the research process.

    You have to research a lot about the industry, the customers, and your client’s competitors.

    This will help you as a copywriter have a full understanding of what you are expected to do as a copywriter.

    One of the best ways to find out what your client’s customers’ needs and problems are is to use forums and social media.

    This will help you to see the questions they are asking and the concerns that they layout there.

    With this, writing the copy will be much easier because you will know exactly what the customer wants.

    2. Get to know the audience

    Surveys, forums, and social media help you to understand your client’s audience very well.

    Forums like:


    Facebook groups


    and others are quite useful.

     When you get to know the audience, you will be able to speak directly to them.

    Speaking to a targeted audience is very important as it can help you in advertising campaigns.

     You know who you are targeting and the people who are ready to buy.

    3. Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling

    Once you understand the audience, it will be very useful to use storytelling to drag their attention to the product or service you are promoting.

    Use an appealing story that will resonate with the readers and help them to see that you know exactly what their pains are and that you have the solution to their problem.

    The effective use of storytelling can go a long way and remain in the minds of the readers as they think about how to solve their problems.

    When a reader reads your copy and says to himself “I thought I was the only one going through this”, then you have succeeded in gaining the attention of the reader.

    Here are some examples.

    4. What action do you want the readers to take?

    Your copy is not complete without a call to action.

     The goal of your copy should be to get the reader to take a specific action.

     You have to state the call-to-action clearly to the reader, but without being too salesy.

    For example, you could use “Grab this limited offer now” instead of “Buy now” (you will see the effect of power words in a bit).

    5. Avoid clumsy mistakes

    As a copywriter, you have to pay attention to your language skills when writing the copy to avoid common mistakes and write effectively.

    That is why you need to have good language skills.

    Avoiding such mistakes will also help you to get paid on time instead of making the client see reasons not to trust your work.

    For example when writing website content, never make the mistake of copying what your competitors have written.

    Make your work unique with minimal to no errors and of good quality.

    6. Learn SEO

    A copywriter with knowledge of SEO will likely get hired faster than the one without.

    The ranking of website pages is what every website owner wants including your client.

     So, learning SEO will go a long way as you promote your copywriting service.

    There are ebooks and courses on SEO that teaches you what you need to know about SEO and how to optimize every content you write.

    Learn more about SEO with this detailed Course.

    7. Learn how to craft irresistible headlines

    Headlines are very important for whatever content you write.

    Spend a considerable amount of time on the headline.

    Your headline will increase your chances of getting more people to read the content.

    Here are some of the elements of a good headline:

    • Use persuasive power words

    • Numbers

    • Use the main keyword

    • Add a benefit to the reader

    Your spending more time to carefully craft a strong headline will pay off because that is what your readers will read first before the content.

     8. Be specific about what the readers will get

    Do not leave your readers in the dark.

    Tell them what they will get when they buy your product and be specific about it.

    This will help to clarify questions and objections they might have.

    It also helps your readers know if they need your product or service.

    It will also be easier for your readers to take the required action when you are specific about what they will get and clarify any doubt in their minds.

    9. Use power words

    Power words are words that instill emotions.

    Power words are used by copywriters to instill:

    • Curiosity

    • Fear

    • Trust 

    • Sense Of Urgency

    • Empathy

    • Positivity

    In the minds of the readers.

    A single power word in a phrase can make so much difference in how the reader will react to taking an action.

    These words are called power words because they can help to increase conversion rates.

    Here are some Power words for copywriting.

    10. Avoid jargon and use a conversational language

    Write in a conversational tone and avoid using words that only a few persons can understand.

    Your language should be as simple as possible for every reader.

     Write like you would when speaking to a friend or relative.

    Do not use too many industry languages that might not be clear enough to the reader.

    Using a conversational tone when writing a copy has proven to bring effective results.

    This is because your audience will understand the benefits stated in the copy and move them to make a purchase.

    How Do I Train Myself To Be A Copywriter?

    Keep practicing!

    How lucrative is copywriting

    After getting a good copywriting course, you have to keep practicing what you have learned to train yourself to be a good copywriter.

    Your consistency and diligence are what will help you to become a good copywriter.

    If you think being a copywriter is a good choice for you then don’t stop practicing.

    Get the needed skills to equip you and you will soon see yourself making a real income from this lucrative career.

    In Conclusion

    Copywriting can be lucrative for you if you work hard and improve your skills.

    If you read this article to this point, you now know what is required and what makes you a good copywriter.

    What are your thoughts?

    Do you think copywriting is lucrative?

    Comment below.

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