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Best SEO Content Checker Tools | Rank Faster!

SEO content checker tools

To achieve SEO-friendly content that will help you rank on search engines, it is always best to do so with the help of SEO content checker tools.

Some of these tools will guide you before you write the content, when writing the content, and after you are done to check if you missed out on anything that would be useful to your content and rankings.

There are many SEO content checker tools available online that can help you to identify and fix any issues with your online content.

In this article, you will see top SEO content checker tools that are great for SEO optimization and checking for any SEO errors.

Some of these tools are content score checker tools that rank your content from 1-100, so you know where to work on.

 SEO content checker tools 

1. Yoast SEO

2. Top the SERPs

3. Squirrly SEO

4. Screaming Frog

5. Similar Content Pro

6. Screpy

7. Semrush

8. Labrika

9. Ahrefs

10. Copywritely


12. Site Guru

Let’s look into these seo content analysis tools and see how each tool can help improve website content SEO.

But here is a quick and important question.

 Do You Need An Seo Content Tool?

You might ask, “Do I even need an SEO tool?” “Are SEO tools worth it?”.

An SEO tool might not be 100% accurate but think about this _ do you stop wearing a seatbelt just because it doesn’t guarantee that you will survive an accident? 

Of course not.

 So, to achieve a well-researched keyword and well-optimized content, you need an SEO tool.

 These tools will help you, especially in your Google rankings.

 One thing you must know is that SEO (search engine optimization) is the Holy Grail for ranking.

To understand how to do better SEO for your website content especially if you’re not into SEO, you need SEO tools at least for guidance.

How to check SEO content

To check if your content is SEO friendly, you must assess the following:

keyword title 

• meta description

•  keyword in subheadings

• image alt tag 

• outbound and inbound links

This is just to mention a few important ones.

 Keyword Title: your main and target keyboard should be at the title of the article, this is very important as it helps Google understand what your article is about based on the main keyword.

 Also, add your main keyword in the introductory paragraph of your article.

Meta description: when someone searches the web for information, they often need to know what the content provides before clicking on it.

 Google wants to see this and so do your readers.

The meta description is a piece of short information that tells what the content is about.

Always add a meta description to your website content and include your main keyword in it.

Image alt tag

Images are very important for website content.

 Content without images will not do well on search engines which is why there is a provision for image alt tag.

 The image alt tag describes the image but it even makes it better when you include your main keyword as the image alt tag.

Why? because this will help it rank both as an article and in Google Images.

Outbound and inbound link: another great way to measure if your content is SEO friendly is the outbound and inbound linking.

The outbound link is the linking from an article to another relevant article outside that website.

 The inbound link is linking internally within the articles on your website.

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    SEO Content Checker Tools

    Here are some of the top SEO content checker tools that can help make a difference in doing SEO.

    1. Yoast SEO

    Yoast is a widely-used WordPress SEO plugin that helps your content rank better in search engines.

     The great thing about this plugin is that it guides you as you write the content on your WordPress website.

    This means you can get fully optimized SEO content with the Yoast plug-in. 

    It is also a free seo content checker.

    All you have to do is follow what you see in the plug-in because as you write the content, it tells you what to do to improve on the SEO. 

    It does a great job of immediately checking website content quality for SEO.

    2. Top the SERPs

    SEO content checker tools

    SERP means ‘search engine results page’.

     This is the page you see after searching on Google.

    You want your content to show up on the SERP of Google because it means more and better-targeted traffic to your site.

    Top the SERPs is a full SEO guide that shows you relevant SEO tools and even picks the tool that is right for your website.

     For every tool you see on Top the SERPs, you get the full overview of the tool, its features, and what it offers.

     Top the SERPs is a full guide you can easily download to get the SEO tools that are meant to help you top your content on the SERPs.

    3. Squirrly SEO

    This is another top WordPress SEO plugin alternative to the Yoast plugin.

    SEO content checker tools

    Squirrly SEO relieves you of SEO issues.

     It takes you by the hand, step-by-step on how to optimize your content for sure rankings. 

    Squirrely SEO is great for small business owners, bloggers, agencies, and content creators.

    Many website users have testified to squirrly SEO as a great content checker for SEO tool that helped increase their rankings.

     And that’s because it helps you fix all SEO errors in your website.

     One thing I noticed about Squirrly SEO is that it has many features that other SEO plugins don’t have, like schema/structured data.

     You can also track your SEO results and get quick SEO assistance with this tool.

    4. Screaming Frog

     Screaming frog SEO is an SEO tool that crawls websites to check for SEO errors. It is also a content analysis tool free and reliable.

    It analyzes your website’s on-page SEO and also tells you your website load speed which is very important for rankings. 

    You can install screaming frog for free. 

    To install it simply:

    • go to screaming frog 

    • click the download button

    • select Windows Macs or Linux (it only works on desktop)

    After downloading it into your system, open the downloaded file and you will see how to install it to your system.

    Once it is installed, you can easily open it, fill in your website URL, and hit start for the crawling process to begin.

     It will help you check and audit for any SEO issues on your website.

    5. Similar Content Pro

    SEO content checker tools

     It is an SEO analysis tool. If you’re looking for the best keywords for your blog content, then you got it.

    Similar content pro is a top SEO content checker tool that can help you find keywords for your niche and also help you write SEO optimized content.

      It also predicts where your content will be placed on search results before you even publish it. 

    This means you can improve your content each time and be able to tell your rankings with this tool.

     All you have to do after publishing is to wait and see the results.

    It is also a beginner-friendly tool because it makes SEO less technical for you.

    6. Screpy

    SEO content checker tools

    This is another SEO content tool that can help you Skyrocket your website rankings. 

    Screpy is an AI SEO tool that helps you with: 

    • Page speed monitoring

    •  SEO monitoring

    • Keyword tracking 

    • Website analysis

    It automatically helps you identify any SEO issue on your website without having to do anything manually.

     So you can be a complete SEO beginner and increase your rankings using screpy AI-powered tool.

    This SEO tool has a simple interface with specified guidelines on how to improve your site.

     I have tried screpy, and I must say it is a pretty good tool to use for your website.

    When I tried it, it analyzed the images and links on my website. 

    It took about 5 minutes to completely analyze my website but I got what I asked for and I know where to work on improving my website.

     So from my experience using screpy, it helps in website auditing and shows you exactly where to improve.

    7. SEMrush

     An all in one SEO tool that helps different businesses with:

    • keyword research 

    • competitive research

    • SEO content analyzing

    •  marketing insights and more 

    You can analyze your competition on semrush and see keywords they rank for and keyword Gaps you can pick and create content that will drive traffic.

    You can start with keywords that are not too competitive but have good search volume.

    8. Labrika

    SEO content checker tools

     Labrika is an All in one SEO content tool that helps you with search engine rankings. 

    Some of its features are:

    • Complete SEO audit: it does a full SEO auditing, checking the health of your site’s SEO and providing solutions to it.

     It is very easy to navigate and you can easily find the start audit option. 

    The Audit process takes about 10 minutes and that depends on the size of your website.

      That might seem like a long waiting time but it actually checks for important factors such as:

    • Content optimization, plagiarism, broken links and images, page speed, duplicate pages, and canonicals.

    • Search ranking tracking: labrika SEO tool tracks your ranking progress and also provides suggestions that you can implement to rank faster on search engines, it also checks keywords your competitors rank for.

    • On-page SEO recommendation: you also get on-page SEO recommendations based on search engine and competitor analysis. 

    One thing I like about this tool is that even an SEO beginner can use it with ease.

    Its SEO audit and recommendations are quite detailed.

    9. Ahrefs

    Image from Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools asides from SEO squirrly and Yoast.

    It analyzes your website from keywords, rankings, competitors, site audits and much more. 

    The good thing about this tool is that you can do everything concerning your site’s SEO without the need for another tool.

    You can do keyword research that will suit your website niche and one that will rank your content because it allows you to filter by keyword difficulty and search volume.

    Ahrefs it’s a great tool for small business owners, marketers, SEO agencies, and bloggers.

    It offers a $7 for a 7-day trial after which you have the $99 per month price.

    Yes, it is quite pricey but it is definitely worth it as you have everything you need to boost your website traffic.

    But, it has a free keyword generator to generate keyword ideas and you can also see the search volume and difficulty to determine your rank possibility.

    There’s also a free backlink checker by ahrefs to check any website backlink.

    10. Copywritely

    Copywritely is an SEO content checker tool that checks your blog content SEO which can help you create content for your readers and search engine.

    Copywritely detects content issues with its SEO content Analyzer that shows you what might be preventing your content from ranking.

    Some of its major features are:

    • Content analysis: checking content for any SEO problems

    • Best SEO recommendations: it guides you with tips and recommendations on what to rewrite, replace, delete or improve for better SEO content.

    • Competitor content analysis: Copywritely helps you check and analyze your competitors’ content to find the best keywords you can rank for.

    • Identify plagiarism: checks for plagiarism so you can achieve unique content for your readers.

    • Keyword density checking: with its keyword density tool, you can check for keyword stuffing and avoid it because it can affect your site’s ranking.

    • Good readability checker: Copywritely checks how easy your content is for readers to read. 

    Use the readability checker to check your content readability score.

    11. SEONIFY

    SEO content checker tools

    This tool is great if you want to monitor and analyze your site visitors.

     It helps you figure out exactly what your visitors expect from you so you can serve them better and increase conversion/sales.

     Here are some of the features of SEONIFY

    • SEO optimization: this includes link analysis, page status, and keyword analysis.

    Web Analytics: this includes Google page rank, search engine index, malware check, and more.

    Visitor Analytics: it analyzes website visitors, page views, traffic analysis, and bounce rates.

    • Daily website reports: it provides the statistics of your website and that of your competitors.

    12. Site Guru

    SEO content checker tools

    This is an SEO tool that runs a full audit of your website.

     The good thing about site guru is that instead of getting the issues that affect your site’s SEO, you get a to-do list of what you can implement right away to improve your website rankings.

    Site Guru combines Google Analytics and Google search console to give you a complete guide to improving traffic.

    Which Seo Tool Is Best?

    No SEO tool is 100% accurate and no SEO tool can guarantee rankings. For you to rank on search engines, you have to follow SEO guidelines and optimize your content for SEO properly. For you to know which SEO tool is best for your blog content, you can try 2 to 3 of the ones mentioned in this article and pick the one that provides what you need to run  SEO content. 

    Some of the top SEO tools from the ones listed are:

    YoastSEO: best for on-page optimization

    Squirrly SEO: guides you on how to do SEO and increase the ranking possibility

    Ahrefs: best for keyword and competition analysis

    Similar Content Pro: keyword research and content optimization (also help to predict rankings)

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    Does Google Have An Seo Tool?

    Google has very useful SEO tools that can help your website SEO and also help you generate content ideas.

    Here are some of the Google SEO tools:

    1. Google search

    2. Google Analytics 

    3. Google search console 

    4. Google Trends

    These tools have been very useful to me as I use them often for my website SEO. 

    Although these tools will not give you an in-depth SEO analysis like the other ones already listed, you can still use them from time to time especially if you are new to SEO.

     And they are completely free.

    1. Google search

     Google search is the most visited website in the world.

     It has over 3.5 billion searches every day.

     It is a great tool to find keyword ideas related to your industry. 

    When you type a search query in the Google search bar, you will notice all the query is associated with that search query, those associated queries are regularly searched for on Google. 

    This can give you the best ideas you can use for your content.

    You can also see your competitors’ content and analyze it on Google search. 

    The Top Ranking sites on Google are probably the type of content Google wants to see.

     This will give you insight into the type of content to produce that will get rankings.

    Some content requires more images, others require videos. 

    So you can implement these in your content if that is what is already ranking.

    2. Google Analytics

     This is a tool that can help you track your site’s performance on search engines. 

    With Google Analytics, you get a well-defined data about:

    • Who visits your site

    • How people interact with your content 

    • Where you get the most traffic 

    All you need to do is sign up with Google Analytics with your Gmail account and then create a Google Analytics property so that you can add your website URL. 

    Or you can simply install it in WordPress with this guide Here.

    3. Google Search console

     Search console is a very useful tool every website must have because it can actually contribute to your Google rankings.

     Google search console gives you data of your top-ranking pages and other keywords its ranks for so you can create content around those keywords to increase rankings. 

    You can also index your website with search console as well as individual content pages. 

    Indexing your newly published post on the search console will speed up the ranking of your website. 

    I have seen this many times on my website. 

    You also get to know the position your post is on the Google page.

    For example, if your post ranks on the second or third page of Google, you will see these on the search console and update your content to move up to the first page.

     It can make a huge difference for your site.

    4. Google Trends

     This is another great Google SEO tool that tells you what is currently trending on the web, especially what you people are searching for on Google. 

    With this tool, you have a handful of keyword ideas for your content and you are sure to get traffic because that is the information people want to see. 

    Google Trends has really helped me brainstorm ideas that add value to my website content.

    In conclusion 

    SEO is an important factor for content rankings.

      The SEO content checker tools mentioned in this article will help to optimize every content on your website, give you better SEO guidelines and help you track your site’s rankings. 

    If you are an SEO beginner you can start with Google SEO tools and then get a paid tool for better content analysis and keyword research.

    You can also get a full course on Copywriting and SEO.

     Your goal is to get traffic and to achieve that, you need proper search engine optimization (SEO) with the help of these SEO content checker tools.

    What is your thought on SEO tools, do you think it’s worth it?

    Comment below.

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